Mobile phone number validation

Validate mobile phone numbers, see which network they are connected to and see if they have been connected in the last 12 hours.

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API reference

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Request structure[api-key]/mobile/[mobile-phone-number]

Optional parameters

format xml | json (default unless header of application/xml is detected)


  • Landline phone numbers will always return as invalid
  • If the country code (+44 or 0044) is not included, the country defaults to UK
  • We recommend you URL encode a phone number
  • You don't need to remove spaces, dashes, brackets or other non-numeric characters from your numbers, we will ignore these

Response examples


<PhoneValidation xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <state>Number is valid and on.</state>
    <networkname>UK - 02 (UK) Limited</networkname>
        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


    "state":"Number is valid and on.",
    "on": true,
    "valid": true,
    "number": "00447700900535",
    "type": "MOBILE",
    "networkname": "UK - 02 (UK) Limited",
    "networkcode": "10",
    "countrycode": "234",
    "countryname": "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

Response field descriptions

Field name Data type Description Example
stateid Integer Number to represent the state, less than 0 for invalid phone numbers 1
state String Provides further detail where needed (list of responses below) Number valid but not in use by the destination network
on Boolean Number has been connected to the network in last 12 hours or not true
valid Boolean Number is valid or not true
number String Normalised version of number inputted 00447700900535
type String Whether the number is a mobile number or unknown. MOBILE or UNKNOWN
networkname String Name of telephone network provider UK - 02 (UK) Limited
networkcode Integer Code of telephone network provider (List of codes) 10
countrycode Integer Mobile country code (List of codes) 234
countryname String Mobile country name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


  • The valid and on fields are always returned, other fields are only returned when relevant, so should be treated as optional

List of state field messages

State ID State
-6 Number is a member of a closed user group such as the emergency services.
-4 Device with this number does not support SMS.
-3 Number valid but not in use by the destination network.
0 Number is valid.
1 Number is valid and on.
2 Number is valid but not on.

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