Email validation

Validate email addresses by checking whether they're capable of receiving email, the address has correct syntax, presence of MX record and whether the server is a catch all.

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API reference

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Request structure[api-key]/emailaddress/[email-address]

Optional parameters

format xml | json (default unless header of application/xml is detected)


  • Email requests are logged within your account but the actual search term is not stored for reasons of data protection
  • Some email providers impose restrictions on validation; in these cases, a warning tag in the response will advise "Only reduced validation is available for this domain"
  • Enhanced checks will typically complete in within a second, however some may take up to 5 seconds.

Response examples


<EmailValidation xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <state>Mailbox Does Not Exist</state>


    "state":"Mailbox Does Not Exist",

Response field descriptions

Field name Data type Description Example
valid Boolean Email is valid or not true
state String Message about validation (full list below) Mailbox Validation Timeout
score Integer 0 - 100 Rating for the email, higher is better. 50
processtime Integer Internal time-to-process a request, measured in milliseconds. 697
alternative String Possible suggestion if domain name does not exist (see note below).


  • The API will sometimes return an alternative response field containing a suggested "Did you mean..." style correction. Such as which will suggest, this is mainly for large email providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo
  • All response fields should be treated as optional

List of state field messages

Mailbox Does Not Exist
Mailbox Temporarily Unavailable
Mailbox Validation Timeout
Smtp Connection Timeout
Server Temporary Unavailable
Success (Server is Catch All)
Success Domain is Well Known DEA
Domain Does Not Exist


  • DEA stands for Disposable Email Address

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