Additional PAF® and Multiple Residence data fields

These additional data fields are derived from the PAF® and Multiple Residence (MR) datasets.

There is no additional cost to append these fields.

Premise-level data fields

Description Addtags field name Tag name returned in output
Delivery Point Suffix deliverypointsuffix deliverypointsuffix
Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) udprn uniquedeliverypointreferencenumber
Data Origin - has the value ‘P’ for a record extracted solely from PAF® and ‘M’ for one originating from the MR file dataorigin dataorigin
Unique Multiple Residence Reference Number - equivalent to the UDPRN in PAF® data uniquemultipleresidencereferencenumber uniquemultipleresidencereferencenumber
Multiple Occupancy Count - count of the number of multiple occupancy addresses for the delivery point multipleoccupancycount multipleoccupancycount
Multiple Residence Record Count - the actual count of MR records following the PAF® delivery point record multipleresidencerecordcount multipleresidencerecordcount

Street-level data fields

Description Addtags field name Tag name returned in output
Administrative County (top tier local government) administrativecounty administrativecounty
Former Postal County postalcounty postalcounty
Traditional County traditionalcounty traditionalcounty
User Category (residential 'R', Non-residential 'N', or Large 'L') usercategory usercategory
Sortcode (for Royal Mail Mailsort) sortcode sortcode
Delivery Point Count - number of delivery points in this record deliverypointcount deliverypointcount
Country code (within the United Kingdom) countrycode countrycode
Country name (within the United Kingdom) country country

Welsh language alternative fields

Description Addtags field name Tag name returned in output
Welsh language alternative for dependent street field welsh_dependentstreet welsh_dependentstreet
Welsh language alternative for street field welsh_street welsh_street
Welsh language alternative for double dependent locality field welsh_doubledependentlocality welsh_doubledependentlocality
Welsh language alternative for dependent locality field welsh_dependentlocality welsh_dependentlocality
Welsh language alternative for post town field welsh_posttown welsh_posttown